Wood Floor: Wood Floor Installation Basics for Beginners - Wood Flooring Explained - Wood Floor Tips (Wood Flooring - Woodworking Basics - Carpentry Book 1)

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< br/ > The charm of a wood floor is unparalleled ... It can be both sophisticated and traditional but its look is never ever dated. This brief guide will teach you the basics about Wood Flooring!

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< br/ >< br/ > This book includes info about the different types of wood flooring-- the solid-wood flooring and the engineered-wood flooring. The book likewise elaborates where each type of wood must be finest set up. There is likewise a short glance into the process of sawing and cutting the woods.

< br/ >< br/ > This book features the 3 common approaches of wood floor setup-- the nail-down, glue-down and floating setup. The process of installing the wood floor is written in a simple action by action guide so you can easily follow them. It consists of lists of the tools and products that are required for the setup.

< br/ >< br/ > This book likewise has quick descriptions of the most typically utilized wood floor finishes today. This will assist you choose the finest finish for your wood floor. There are likewise a couple of ideas and suggestions on how to look after your wood floor to keep it lovely and shiny all the time.

< br/ >< br/ > This brief book is packed with useful info for beginners, read it today!

< br/ > After downloading this book you will find out ...

  • < br/ >< br/ > Chapter 1: Types of Wood Flooring< br/ >
  • < br/ > Chapter 2: Floating Wood Flooring Installation

  • < br/ >< br/ > Chapter 3: Glue-down Wood Flooring Installation

  • < br/ >< br/ > Chapter 4: Nail-down Wood Flooring Installation

  • < br/ >< br/ > Chapter 5: Wood Flooring Finishes And Upkeep

  • < br/ >< br/ >

    < br/ > And Much, far more!< br/ >< br/ >
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